Marketing of the products

The discussion was made with local cooperative named Lekhbesi Social Entrepreneur women cooperative Ltd. for marketing of the vegetables.

They have agreed to collect the vegetable and contact with traders to send the product in the city but there is not enough production so far therefore the farmers sell the product in local market. The cooperative itself shows their commitment to organise the interaction workshop involving the entire stakeholder including farmers and traders to establish proper marketing mechanism.

Irrigation system support

There were an activity design for irrigation system support in this project to provide year round water availability to the communities for domestic and agriculture use.

We have surveyed and prepare design and estimate for the scheme but the project required high cost so that the community should contribute a lot. The discussion has made several times with the community. Likewise Village Development Committee has also been consulted the matching fund through the community social leader but unable to get the matching fund. Therefore it takes a bit delay to start the scheme. Now the community agreed and we have made an agreement to construct the scheme that will complete on March 2017.


The facilitator and LRP have been monitoring the project activities regularly and provide comments and feedback on site. They also visited frequently at all the field of the farmers and observe their vegetable cultivation and provide feedbacks for betterment.

Focal person from HICODEF also visits a site and observe the development. They interacted with the farmers and motivate them to promote vegetable farming.