The following organizational values of HICODEF are strictly abided by all its members and staff in every situations.

  • Mutual respect: Despite the position, role and any other social strata HICODEF is committed and has promoted a culture of mutual respect not only across the organization but also everywhere we work at.
  • Equity: Equity is promoted in all the works of HICODEF to bring the backward in the mainstream.
  • Quality & Excellence:¬†HICODEF makes the best possible efforts to all its works to ensure quality and excellence.
  • Transparency: The works of HICODEF is made transparent in each stage. In addition to the regular public sharing of its works and achievements, one can seek information about the organization at any time.
  • Inclusiveness: We ensure the best possible opportunities of being GESI sensitivity in the organization and in all our works.
  • Non-alignment: HICODEF maintains equal distance with all its stakeholders. We treat all equally despite their political belief, position, religion or any other strata.