• Empowerment: All the activities conducted by HICODEF would consider the community empowerment as its approach. The community people are involved in each stage of the project to empower them in the process.
  • Partnership: HICODEF ensures appropriates partnership with the community people and likeminded institutions by the very beginning to promote common ownership of the achievement.
  • Rights based: It is considered that the community people have right on the development process we facilitate. So, they are always involved and put in the core of the work we do.
  • Advocacy: Not only facilitating the process of equitable development in the community, HICODEF also advocates for the benefit of backward people through its work.
  • Participatory: People’s participation is ensured in each stage of project implementation. This enables people to work better as per their need and generates a sense of ownership thereby promoting its sustainability.
  • Emergency relief: Community people happen to face various types emergencies. As one of the close partners of the community we work availing immediate emergency relief in association with other stakeholders in such situations.