Social mobilization

The social mobilization is all about the prepare community for voice, choice and rights (VCR). The social mobilization process has been taken as one of the key programme components of HICODEF. The objective of the social mobilization is to create awareness among the community people (poor, women, dalit and janajatis and marginalized community), help them to organize, empower them for decision-making so that they can identify and prioritize their needs, It is also expected to build up capacity for planning, implementation, monitoring and management of the community level project activities to enhance their livelihoods and leadership. It also creates an environment where community shows their ownership and reacts as an important stakeholder of the project so that it will maintain the trust among community, organization and the projects. Therefore the project will sustain as the community have their ownership on it. The social mobilization also creates a forum for the community where they start dialogue and identify their common problem and its solution by themselves. It also helps community to minimize the gap of their social differences like class, caste, gender, ethnicity, political etc. Identification of the target people is one the crucial step to inter in the community and then after we establish the groups/committee whom have similar status or needs. This is the entry points to implement the most of the projects. Then all the interventions go through the groups/committee along with their capacity development.

One of the major parts of the social mobilization is to enhance good governance in the institution as well as aware people to demand their rights to the authorities. Therefore HICODEF conducts public hearing, public review and social auditing for transparency, accountability and participation of the all the stakeholders to maintain harmonize environment, ownership of the community as well as promotion of good governance in the projects.  It also maintains cordial linkage and coordination with all the level of stakeholders and makes them responsible towards the community.