Organizational structure of HICODEF

HICODEF is member based organization. It has total 69 members (39 males and 30 females). Among them  37, 6, 3 and 23 are represented from Janajaties, Dalits, Madhesi and Bahmin/Chettri respectively. HICODEF has General Assembly at the top and 9 members’ executive committee are elected or nominated by the GA. It has diversified executive committee consisting 4 female,  1 dalit, 4 janajati and 1 madhesi. It also has 2 members of advisory committee which is now represented by 1 male and 1 female among them 1 is from madhesi community and other is from bramhan community. The executive committee has 3 years term. The executive committee has got all the power and authority delegated by the GA to run the projects and its internal programs. The executive committee has selected the executive director to lead the projects. The executive director also plays the role of connector between projects and the committee. Currently it has 45 staffs (24 Male and 21 Female) working in the various projects. They are well experience, qualified and dedicated personals having adequate knowledge and skill for project implementation, monitoring and documentation of the results. HICODEF has HR policy, Administration policy, GESI policy to guide all the activities of the organization including projects, Admin and Finance and human resources. Here is the organizational chart of the year 2020.