Girls Scholarship Program

HICODEF has been initiating this Girls Scholarship Program (GSP) since 2011.

HICODEF provided scholarship to 20 girls from government school each year on the occasion of National Children Day in Nawalparasi East district. The extracurricular activity to develop student skill is being conducted in the distribution ceremony.

The scholarship has been supported through FRIENDs OF HICODEF (FOH) initiative, girls student who have very poor economic background and very near to drop are main criteria to select the scholarship student. The students were selected by the very independent panel with adequate consultation with the schools authorities.

You can be the part of HICODEF by being friends of HICODEF. We started the strategy to gather development lovers who have soft corner in their heart towards poor man, women and children. Your small contribution surely changes their life. We will guarantee you to design appropriate program activities for them to uplift their existing condition. 59 girls have been benefitting by this program and 29 students passed SEE exam by 2019.

Rational of FOH

Only Government and donor agencies couldn’t able to address the need of the poor people.

Make a plat form for development lovers who have sympathy towards poor people and joint hand for poverty eradication.

To introduce HICODEF to all the like minded people who have common goal and objective of equitable development.

Take a friends not only financial support but as a moral AND intellectual supporter.

Create a roster of friends and use their capabilities to develop community as well as create opportunity for their deployment.

Use friends as an information sources for fund rising in wider range.

To create different identity of HICODEF in the sector of development.

How to be FOH
• Form is available in our website or you can request us for donation form from our office. You need to fill the form mentioning what kind of support you want to provide.
• You can support by giving cash or kinds (Books, Cloths, Stationery, Furniture, educational equipment etc.) to HICODEF and it will provide to needy people and institutions.
• All the contribution (cash or kind) keeps in the basket separately and support them by creating program.
• The minimum support cost is Rs 1000.00 or US $ 15.00 per year.
• What you get
• You can get return on your investment through
• Updates by mail or website about your contribution that how people being benefited
• You will get brief report with photographs so that you can ensure your contribution is being utilized well.
• You will join the program if you wish at your own expenses. But we manage your entire visit.
• Your contribution will publish in our website but if you don\’t want we will keep it secret. But the total amount will publish in the website.
• You will get receipt of your contribution.
• You will get attractive T-shirt mentioning that you are now FOH.