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Himalayan Community Development Forum (HICODEF) is thriving in the world of community development since 1999. It has gone through various ups and downs in this course to work in different aspects of development in various districts of Nepal. The support and encouragement of its well-wishers has always made HICODEF to overcome any obstacles on its course.

News & Events

  • Contract with HEIFER Nepal

    Contract of agreement has been done between HICODEF and Heifer International Nepal to implement Strengthening Smallholder Enterprises of Livestock Value Chain for Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth in Nepal – phase II (SLVC II) in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta East) district. The time frame of the project is from 15 April to 31 March 2021.
  • Contract with Madhyabindu Municipality Nawalparasi East

    The contract of agreement has been done on 23 April 2018 between HICODEF and Madhyabindu Municipality to implement Chheta Tandi Hydraulic Ramp Pump Micro Irrigation project.
  • Scholarship distributed on National Children Day

    On 14th September 2017 HICODEF distributed scholarship to 20 girls' students on the occasion of National Children Day of Nepal. Among the scholarship students 8 girls are reading on Secondary level and 12 are in basic level.
  • Celebrated 19th General Assembly

    HICODEF has conducted its 19th General Assembly on 24 September 2017. In this occasion 9 member's of executive committee and 2 advisers has been nominated and Mr Basanta Narayan Shrestha has been elected for chairperson. He is one of the founder members of the organization.

Program Planning - Planning


HICODEF is located near about center point of the Nawalparasi district so it is also very much center of both hill and tarai community. It has its own building with ample space for training, food and accommodation. We have been running our community training center with capacity of 60 people with our skilled manpower in different development issues.

Working Area Coverage

  • Whole Nawalparasi district from 2013 June through MSFP project.
  • 7 districts – Rupendehi, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Dhading, Parbat and Myagdi.
  • We have already worked in Morang districts from 2oo7 to 2009.

Working with Media

Media has been playing crucial role to aware the community on contemporary issues as well as development ideas. HICODEF has been working with media to monitor its programs by different angles and also replicate it learning and achievement for demonstrative impact to other community for speed the development process. HICODEF had experience working with the media giant BBCWST (British Broadcasting Corporation World Service Trust) from November 2009 to October 2011 to implement maternal and child health project in 6 districts Rupendehi, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Dhanding, Parbat and Myagdi. 

Natural Resource Management

HICODEF has massive experience on natural resource management. It has been working since 2000 till now on scientific forest management, mitigation and adaptation incentive for resilience to climate change, forest based enterprises development, massive plantation and preparation and implementation of LAPA and CAPA. As almost all the rural community depends upon forest products as they need firewood, fodder and timber for their daily life. Therefore we need to aware them for proper and scientific utilization of forest for our future too.

Social mobilization

The social mobilization is all about the prepare community for voice, choice and rights (VCR). The social mobilization process has been taken as one of the key programme components of HICODEF. The objective of the social mobilization is to create awareness among the community people (poor, women, dalit and janajatis and marginalized community), help them to organize, empower them for decision-making so that they can identify and prioritize their needs, It is also expected to build up capacity for planning, implementation, monitoring and management of the community level project activities to enhance their livelihoods and leadership. It also creates an environment where community shows their ownership and reacts as an important stakeholder of the project so that it will maintain the trust among community, organization and the projects. Therefore the project will sustain as the community have their ownership on it. The social mobilization also creates a forum for the community where they start dialogue and identify their common problem and its solution by themselves. It also helps community to minimize the gap of their social differences like class, caste, gender, ethnicity, political etc. Identification of the target people is one the crucial step to inter in the community and then after we establish the groups/committee whom have similar status or needs. This is the entry points to implement the most of the projects. Then all the interventions go through the groups/committee along with their capacity development.

One of the major parts of the social mobilization is to enhance good governance in the institution as well as aware people to demand their rights to the authorities. Therefore HICODEF conducts public hearing, public review and social auditing for transparency, accountability and participation of the all the stakeholders to maintain harmonize environment, ownership of the community as well as promotion of good governance in the projects.  It also maintains cordial linkage and coordination with all the level of stakeholders and makes them responsible towards the community.

Experience of working in the community

Hicodef has begun working in remote northern hilly region of Nawalparasi district since 2000. It has internalised the causes of poverty by experience that isn't only economic reason but also socio, culture, geographic, political reasons. We have realized that community have been very stratified by the caste, gender, ethnicity, kinships, class and political thoughts and it is guiding their attitude and behaviours. Likewise they have lots of misconception and superstition which also create the unfavourable condition for them. People in the rural community have less access on government services which is very much crucial for their life; they have very low knowledge on health and hygiene related problems as they have low level of awareness. In the other hand many of them are struggling for survival don't allow them to look other issues like health and hygiene.

However there is lots of potentials to improve the existing situation because the people have very much eager to change their life and looking for opportunities. Similarly the communities are very much attached and depended to each other. As they have good listening culture we can turn them by appropriate facilitation techniques. Therefore we have been organising rural communities to overcome their social and economic problems by our integrated community development programs.

We are child sensitive orgnisation as our strategy is gender and generation sensitive so that we always wear the glass of child rights in every program activities and valued the outcomes accordingly. Therefore, our entire program directly or indirectly touches the issues of children and promotes child rights in very practical manner in grassroots level.


Himalayan Community Development Forum

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