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Himalayan Community Development Forum (HICODEF) is thriving in the world of community development since 1999. It has gone through various ups and downs in this course to work in different aspects of development in various districts of Nepal. The support and encouragement of its well-wishers has always made HICODEF to overcome any obstacles on its course.

News & Events

  • Contract with HEIFER Nepal

    Contract of agreement has been done between HICODEF and Heifer International Nepal to implement Strengthening Smallholder Enterprises of Livestock Value Chain for Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth in Nepal – phase II (SLVC II) in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta East) district. The time frame of the project is from 15 April to 31 March 2021.
  • Contract with Madhyabindu Municipality Nawalparasi East

    The contract of agreement has been done on 23 April 2018 between HICODEF and Madhyabindu Municipality to implement Chheta Tandi Hydraulic Ramp Pump Micro Irrigation project.
  • Scholarship distributed on National Children Day

    On 14th September 2017 HICODEF distributed scholarship to 20 girls' students on the occasion of National Children Day of Nepal. Among the scholarship students 8 girls are reading on Secondary level and 12 are in basic level.
  • Celebrated 19th General Assembly

    HICODEF has conducted its 19th General Assembly on 24 September 2017. In this occasion 9 member's of executive committee and 2 advisers has been nominated and Mr Basanta Narayan Shrestha has been elected for chairperson. He is one of the founder members of the organization.

Program Planning - Program

Achievement of HICODEF

We have been implementing various software and hardware program activities to empower, capacitate and uplift the existing condition of poor and marginalized communities. We emphasize on holistic community development rather than focus on one issue because the rural poor communities have been marred socially, economically, politically, geographically and culturally. They also have lack of access on basic needs like education, health, food sufficiency, road, communication etc. Furthermore they don't have proper access on government services because of their settlement in rural and remote area where government have less presents.

Here are some major efforts/ achievements so far in partnership with government and nongovernment agencies:

  • We have already been working in 7 districts Rupendehi, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Dhading, Parbat, Morang and Myagdi.
  • 116066 Households get direct benefits from our programs. 
  • Established the Deurali VDC as a model VDC for goat raising where near about 500 families turned into goat entrepreneurs. The VDC able  earned 60 million rupies by selling goats.
  • Support to established goat collection center through cooperative and already started selling goat in weekly basis.
  • Fodder developed in 796 beghas of land.
  • 96 Forest groups are working for 24000 members on income generation, livelihood development, forest conservation and good governance including social inclusion aspects.
  • Developed master trainers on mental health first time in Nawalparasidistrict and now they have already developed 25 psychosocial counselors.
  • Developed more than 500 front line workers for social and economic development.
  • Construct, repair and maintenance almost all school building, drinking water supply and health posts in 12 hilly VDCs (Naram, Ruchang, Dedgaun, Mithukaram, Rakuwa, Jaubari, Bharatipur, Dhoubadi, Dandajheri, Kotthar, Arkhala and Bulingtar) of Nawalparasi district of Nepal.
  • HICODEF built 18 trial bridges in the community so far and 4 bridges are under construction 
  • HICODEF has already surveyed 70 bridges that is 100% coverage of the communities demand. 
  • 16 Cooperatives established in 15 VDCs
  • 12 VDC level scholarship trusts established in 12 VDCs providing scholarship to needy students.
  • HICODEF has been providing scholarship to poor and orphan girls child since 2011 and 14 students passed SLC so far.
  • More than 300 groups (poor, women, men, dalit, child and mixed groups) are formed and almost of all are running smoothly.
  • One resource center mobilizes smoothly to conduct training, seminars etc in HICODEF's premises conducting more than 150 events in a year.
  • Developed 6 village animal health workers to look after livestock development program.
  • Established 15 VDC level forest network. 
  • Established 15 Climate change adaptation fund in 15 VDCs.
  • 2 Micro Hydro installed in Dedgaun and Arthala VDCs generate 40 KW benefitting 550 HHs
  • 6 KM Rural road constructed from Bojhapokari of Arkhala VDC to HurhureDanda of  Dhoubadi VDC.
  • Developed a perma-culture farm in Dhoubadi VDC 1.

Past and Present Programs

SN Program Funded by  Period Coverage
1 Pahunch Project : Strenthening the poor and marginalized's Access to Justice and Security in Nepal.  DFID, Search for Common Ground 2016-2018 Nawalparasi
2 Rural Community Electrification With Improved Watermill and Micro Enterprise Development Project SNV, GiZ/EnDev 2016-2017 4 VDCs of Nawalparsi
3 ICS Promotion Program Kawasoti Municipality 2016 onward Nawalparasi
4 Safer Migration Project SAMI Helvetas 2014-2017 Nawalparasi 
5 Multi-stakeholder Forestry Program RIMS-Nepal funded by DFID,SDC, Govt of Finland 2013-2016 Nawalparasi District
6 Strengthening Smallholder Enterprise Development in Deurali Project Heifer International Nepal 2012-2016 Deurali VDC of Nawalparasi
7 Community Bridge Building Program DDC-NWP, TBSU-Helvetas 2006-till date NWP district
8 Friends Of HICODEF/Girls Scholarship Program Internal Source Since 2011 and continue 1 VDC
9 Local Governance and Community Development  Program (LGCDP) DDC-NWL 2011-2013 8 VDCs
10 Integrated Water Resource Management Program(IWRMP)/Enhancing Community Capabilities for Learning and Adaptation to Climate Change (ECCLA) Practical Action/The Glacier Trust UK 2011-2013 2 VDCs
11 Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) UNICEF/DDC Nawalparasi 2011-12 16 VDCs of Nawalparasi
12 Improve Cooking Stove Program ESAP/RESDTN 2009-2013 10 VDCs
13 Fostering Health and Livelihood for The Conflict Affected People of Nepal Project EU and BNMT 2008-2009 10 VDCs of Nawalparasi
14 Equity and Access project for maternal and neonatal health. SSMP/AAIN, DFID 2007-2009 Chitwan, Parbat, Myagdi and Morang districts
15 Holistic Community Development Program Heifer International Nepal 2007-2011 3 VDCs
16 Cooperative Promotion Program ActionAid International Nepal 2005-2006 12 hilly remote VDCs of Nawalparasi
17 Community based Primary Education Action Research Program EU, ActionAid, CPReC 2005-2007 2 VDCs of Nawalparasi
18 Environment Awareness Program SPW 2004-2005 3 VDCs of Nawalparasi
19 Social Mobilization on Community Forestry Project Livelihood Forestry Program-DFID 2004-2007 10 VDCs of Nawalparasi
20 Decentralised Action for Children and Women (DACAW) UNICEF 2003-2010 12 VDCs of Nawalparasi
21 Disability  Program Handicap International  2003-2004 12 hilly remote VDCs of Nawalparasi
22 Solar Dryer ITDG 2003-2004 2 VDCs of Nawalparasi
23 Drinking Water and Sanitation Program FINNIDA 2003-2004 12 hilly remote VDCs of Nawalparasi
24 Entrepreneur Promotion Program  MEDEP 2002 5 VDCs of Nawalparasi
25 Increasing Access program for Safer Motherhood Nepal Safer Motherhood Project-DFID 2001-2004 12 hilly remote VDCs of Nawalparasi
26 Research named Child Rights through Evaluation DFID and Development Focus International, UK 2000-2001 1 VDC of Nawalparasi
27 Micro-Hydro Project ActionAid International Nepal 2001-2002 2 VDCs of Nawalparasi
28 Nawalparasi Integrated Community Development Program ActionAid International Nepal 2000-2004 12 hilly remote VDCs of Nawalparasi

Programmes, currently we are implementing

  • Strengthening Smallholders Enterprises in Deurali in partnership with Heifer International Nepal
  • Social Mobilisation on Short Span Trial Bridge Construction Project in partnership with District Development Committee, Nawalparasi and TBSU-Helvetas
  • Enhancing Communities Capabilities for Learning and Adaptation to Climate Change (ECCLA) with The Glacier Trust.
  • Safer Migration project supported by SDC Helvetas
  • Pahunch Project : Strenthening the poor and marginalized's Access to Justice and Security in partnership with Search For Common Ground supported by DFID
  • Rural Community Electrification With Improved Watermill and Micro Enterprise Development Project in partnership with Gramin Prabidi Tatha Sewa Kendra supported by SNV and GiZ/EnDev
  • Friends of HICODEF/Girls Scholarship Program by internal source


Himalayan Community Development Forum

Kawasoti, Nawalparashi,

Contact: 078-540172, Fax : 078-540212

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